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Salem Turmeric Powder (Salem Haldi)

Selam Turmeric Powder
Organi Selam Haldi
Halid (turmeric) nutrients
100gm Haldi packet
organic haldi nutrients  - 500gm pack

Salem Turmeric Powder (Salem Haldi)

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Salem Haldi is the secret to unlocking turmeric's full potential in your cooking and wellness routine. Made from fresh turmeric rhizomes that are boiled and dried, this variety is known for its vibrant color, earthy aroma, and distinct taste.

What makes Salem Haldi truly special is its traditional growing process. Sourced from a single farmer, Kulkarni Kaka, this turmeric is cultivated with care and expertise. From planting to harvesting to processing, every step is done with precision to ensure the highest quality product.

When you use Salem Haldi in your recipes, you can be confident that you're getting the finest turmeric available. Its rich flavor will enhance any dish, while its powerful anti-inflammatory properties will help support your overall health and well-being.

So why settle for anything less? Choose Salem Haldi for all of your turmeric needs and experience the difference that quality makes.

The Story

We’ve touched more than 9000 farmers in our jouney, here's the story of our Kulkarni Kaka, from among the first farmers to associate with the Two Brothers Tribe.

A brethren bond of over 5 years now, Farmer Kulkarni Kaka is still going strong with us. The Kulkarni brothers trio practise farming on 35 acres of land, growing organic and native crops. Jowar, Rajma, Chana and Sugarcane are some of the crops grown by the Kulkarni Brothers.

The Salem variety Turmeric grown by them, is like none other variety we have come across.

Its rare these days, all 3 brothers are retired, but farm and stay together with their families in their village now. Before this they used to work in the city of Satara, initiating themselves into farming post retirement.

It all started with an interview of Satyajit, Founder Farmer, TBOF, that Kulkarni Kaka read in an Agri Publication.

Inspired by Satyajit’s journey from being a Banker to a farmer, Kulkarni Kaka wrote to us and expressed his desire to meet.

Though a seasoned organic farmer, he wanted to understand and learn the art of sustainably and profitably growing and marketing organic produce.

In Satara, the brothers used to work in a bank, but his love for farming as well as his deteriorating health kept Kulkarni Kaka questioning his life in the city and he longed for a life on the farm. Post retirement, the eldest among the brothers took the decision to explore life at their farm with his family.

With the support of Mother nature, family and the Two Brothers, all the 3 Kulkarni Brothers today live a healthy and satisfied retired life at their farm.

Today the Kulkarni Brothers use responsible farming techniques like intercropping, water conservation by using sprinklers and drip irrigation and doing all it takes to grow Natural, Native and Nutritious Food for you.

Power to Farmers Like Kulkarni Brothers, Power to supporters like you!

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Salem Haldi (Ground Turmeric), Single-Origin


Salem Haldi (Ground Turmeric), Single-Origin

Mahesh M. Uberoi

Excellent ghee

Ravi Prakash Singh

It is amazing product in terms of quality

Kewal Krishan Khattar

Salem Haldi (Ground Turmeric), Single-Origin

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