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We carefully assess farmland and farming practices as part of our work with marginalized smallholding farmers in Maharashtra, helping them make the switch to organic farming. In order to guarantee that smallholding organic farmers obtain a fair price for their produce—five to ten times greater than conventional rates—we support them by giving them access to markets through strong value chains.


This project, which falls under the OrganicWe banner, nurtures farmers in rural Maharashtra and offers them a market for their organic produce. Our chats, meals together, and farm visits have been priceless. Our goal is to assist these farmers in implementing sustainable farming methods and obtaining sustainable revenue streams. 


At TBOF, we actively compete in the market, which is fueled by growth, profitability, and consumption. Nonetheless, the goal of bringing wholesome, natural food from our farm to your home is the foundation of our ideals, together with a strong work ethic and moral principles.

With our dedication to sharing knowledge, experiences, and prosperity, we stand out in the corporate labyrinth of secrecy and competitive protection. We embrace new technologies and innovations with pride as farmers, respecting our traditional ways and farming community. 🙏🌱🤗 

Recently, Mr. Yunus Sheikh, the Development Officer of Panchayat Samiti, Indapur, accompanied more than eighty farmers from the Indapur District to our farm. They got to know our Farmer Founder, Satyajit Hange, and were moved by Two Brothers Organic Farms' story. Our goods, which have empowered over 9,000 farmers, are now available in over 50 nations and 1,000 cities globally, having originated in the little town of Bhodani. This is an actual success story of a farm-to-home. 🙏

As interested and inquisitive as urban businesspeople, the visiting farmers worked in traditional farming, animal husbandry, cow fodder, grape, and sugarcane cultivation. They posed thoughtful queries like: 

⭐What are the best crops to grow from a marketing standpoint?

⭐ How can agricultural produce be processed to provide goods with added value?

⭐ How can products and produce be directly marketed to consumers?

⭐ What other revenue streams are available for a farmer to consider?

We took great pleasure in exchanging, learning, and sharing with our fellow farmers. 🤗

For us, capitalism is about expanding and sharing our wealth and knowledge with our farming community; it goes beyond increasing revenue and profit margins. We don't just practice charity when it comes to socialism; we also empower and uplift as many farmers as we can while imparting our success philosophy to aspiring agribusiness owners. 



Namdeo is a committed farmer in Shelgaon, Pune, who tends to a little plot of land. Namdeo runs an all-organic farm with the steadfast help of his family. Team-TBOF has mentored him over the last five years, continuously monitoring his practices. Namdeo grows and sells organic pomegranates at the OrganicWe Farmers Market. Selling all 10 crates of organic pomegranates straight to clients for $180 on his first market day, Namdeo made three times the standard market rate.


By the Government of Maharashtra Department of Agriculture

In Shelgaon village, Indapur Taluka, District Pune, farmer Satyajit gave a talk to the local farmers (Krushi Unnati Shendriya Sheti Gat) about the value of organic farming. The Department of Agriculture of the Government of Maharashtra hosted this event to highlight the possible effects of switching to organic farming. With 5,000 acres of pomegranate orchards, Shelgaon might reap major rewards. 500,000 tonnes of chemical-free pomegranates would be produced, 5,000 acres of soil would be saved, and 500,000 customers would gain from the village's complete switch to organic farming.


Farmer Training with ATMA

TBOF was invited to help farmers interested in organic farming by ATMA, a program managed by the Maharashtra government in partnership with the Panjrapole Trust, Pune. Speaking to almost 200 farmers throughout Maharashtra, we described our profitable experience selling organic fruit under our brand without the need for significant capital investment or equipment.

Jaihind Lokchalwal Sangamner Youth Farmer Meet


Speaking to and motivating more than 1,500 farmers, TBOF took part in the Youth Farmer Meet, which was arranged by Jaihind Lokchalwal Sangamner, on June 30, 2019. Sharing the podium with MLA Dr. Sudhir Tambe and retired IAS Chandrakant Dalvi, whose non-governmental organization's efforts towards rural development are praiseworthy, was an honor. TBOF received recognition for its efforts to promote agricultural products internationally.



In Nimgaon Ketki, Taluka Indapur, District Pune, we addressed a forward-thinking group of over 200 farmers embarking on group farming. We shared our experiences in organic farming and marketing, inspiring them to adopt sustainable practices.



We spoke to a progressive group of more than 200 farmers who were starting collective farming in Nimgaon Ketki, Taluka Indapur, District Pune. We encouraged them to embrace sustainable methods by sharing our organic agricultural and marketing expertise.



At the KrishiSamrat first anniversary celebration in Malinagar, near Akluj, District Solapur, on September 20, 2020, we conducted a thought-provoking session with more than 400 farmers. This event was organized by progressive farmers and highlighted the growing interest in converting soil to organic ecosystems; however, a comprehensive understanding of crop cultivation and marketing is essential to establishing confidence in farmers moving toward organic farming.


With each purchase you make from us, you help to secure rural livelihoods, empower women in our villages, and restore carbon from the atmosphere back into the soil. All TBOF goods are made daily in our farm kitchen using seeds that are native to the area and are cared for by our farmers.

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