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Mothers Recipes Book

Swaad Book , recipie book , recipies , celebrating ghee , swaad bharat ka
Swaad Book , recipie book , recipies , celebrating ghee , swaad bharat ka
Swaad Book , recipie book , recipies , celebrating ghee , swaad bharat ka

Mothers Recipes Book

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SWAAD (Bharat Ka) is a special traditional recipe book from TBOF for many reasons:

  1. It is the first Recipe book from TBOF in print form

  2. The recipe book contains 14 authentic Indian recipes using Ghee.

  3. This recipe book contains many months of hard work from a team of artists, including photographers, designers, writers, illustrators, home cooks, and professional chefs, who worked together to create an exquisite collection of regional Ghee dishes from across the country!

The Story of SWAAD That Will Remain Close to Our Heart

SWAAD (Bharat Ka) - Recipe Book helped us raise INR 300,000 in donations towards Give India’s campaign to fight hunger during the second wave of COVID-19. We gifted a printed copy of SWAAD to everyone who donated more than INR 2000/- to Give India’s hunger campaign. 

The funds raised through the campaign were used by Give India to feed the homeless and hungry. 

Each meal donated was a nutritional platter containing healthy staples like dal, chapati, rice, vegetables, and more, along with rations kits. These kits contain rice, dal, atta, oil, salt, masala, sugar, tea, etc. 

For those who generously donated to the campaign, we wanted to send them a piece of our heart, and this gesture of gifting the SWAAD Book was our love in action…! :)

Today, as we type this out to the world, we realize that for each person who donated has helped heal those who were suffering. Their contribution helped in bringing food to the people in need when there was no hope. 

For people who stepped forward, showed up, and donated, SWAAD was meant to be our ode, something that wasn’t even known to us. 

This is an honest food story wrapped in blessings and love from our home to yours.

What’s Inside the SWAAD Book?

Well, the book contains a world of artistic wonder! 

The Book presents honest food art and styling, combined with mesmerizing photography, well-researched recipes using traditional Ghee from across the country. It also includes candid food notes containing the words of cooks who narrated them to us along with some soulful writing, and stunning hand-drawn illustrations. 

Each page of the SWAAD is crafted using matte textured paper that we craved in our digital world of onscreen reading …. ! 

SWAAD is a collection of 14 traditional Indian recipes from across the country that celebrate Ghee in true regional style! 

Each recipe in the book is vegetarian with its hero as Ghee. Ghee is an indispensable ingredient to these recipes and will be difficult to replace with some plant based fat or oil. 

This book also includes guest contributions from Celebrity Chefs Thomas Zacharias and Rakesh Raghunathan, as well as experienced home cooks; we remain ever grateful to them for contributing their recipes.


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Michael Smith
Tasty Recipes!

This is an outstanding cookbook. Worth every rupee. So many tasty recipes and tips inside. A great gift idea too!

Sonal Aditya Mittal

Swaad (Bharat Ka) - Recipe Book of 14 Traditional Indian Recipes Celebrating Ghee

Preeti S.

Loved it!

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