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Ghee has always been the heart and soul of our festivals, enriching our sweets and snacks with its divine flavor. It's a staple in nearly every Indian dish, and our love for it runs deep. However, over the years, our affection for ghee has waned due to the rise of adulterated food cases and the pervasive myth that ghee causes weight gain. Contrary to this belief, ghee is actually a powerful fat burner.

This Diwali, TBOF is launching its very first outreach campaign: "GheeHomecoming". We understand that the market is flooded with brands claiming their products are "organic and healthy" now and then. Here at TBOF, we don’t just want you to be ‘healthy’ but truly happy and joyous, making the most of the brightest day of the year. This Diwali, TBOF aims to make it a truly "Shubh Deepawali", elevating the celebration beyond an ordinary day. Join us in bringing the purity and goodness of ghee back into our homes and hearts!



What’s the essence and objective of #GheeHomecoming?


Dis-moi ce que tu manges, jete dirai ce que tu es.

which translates as 'Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.

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One timeless reality is highlighted in the February 1922 The Atlantic article "Medicine Cannot Do This for You": our health and vitality are directly related to the foods we eat. Ancient foods that have been mainstays in many cultures for ages are making a comeback in our kitchens today and are being given newfound respect and significance. Khapli or Emmer wheat, millets like Ragi and Sorghum, kachi ghani oils, and natural sweeteners like jaggery (Gur) are among these foods, some of which date back more than 5,000 years. It's interesting to note how frequently these traditional ingredients appear in the newest culinary trends served at Michelin-starred restaurants. In his well-known book "In Defense of Food," Michael Pollan argues in favor of conventional diets and highlights the advantages of eating like our predecessors did.


The article in The Atlantic emphasizes the lengthy history of fermented foods, which dates back thousands of years. Our current relationship with these foods hasn't yet fully realized their potential, despite their ancient origins. It's time to give fermented foods the respect and prominence they deserve and to usher in a new age of 'ancient-future' cuisine.

Fermented foods have a strong cultural influence on cuisine in many countries, including India. Fermented delicacies, from the popular dhokla to the ubiquitous idlis and dosas, are consumed every day. The wide variety of fermented treats is also showcased by the homemade pickles, cool lassi and chaas, and even the decadent jalebis with their subtle sourness.

 traditional foods, ancient foods, how should we eat, eat like our ancestors, #gharlaaoghee, gharlaaoghee, Desi Ghee TBOF, TBOF, Two Brothers organic Farms, Diwali Offers 2019, Diwali Offers, Why is ghee a superfood, Desi Ghee benefits, Gir Cow Desi Ghee, Gir Cow Ghee, Desi Ghee, Ghee, Gheeoffers

However, in all of this celebration of fermented foods, Ghee is a famous substance that is sometimes forgotten. Desi Ghee is the perfect example of clean fermentation and is well-known among chefs, dietitians, and homemakers worldwide. It continues to be India's enduring gift to humanity, providing a variety of remedies based on age-old customs. Ghee's probiotic qualities stem from the labor-intensive fermenting of native Desi cow milk, which makes Dahi a product with a deep cultural and health significance.

Are you sick and weary of the constant barrage of advertisements that appear around the holidays? Our #GheeHomecoming campaign provides a welcome change of pace. Here's what to anticipate:

  • Educational Insights: Learn about the many advantages of Desi Ghee and how it can motivate people to lead better lives.
  • Our Craftsmanship: Discover the painstaking steps we take at TBOF to make our Ghee and get useful advice for preparing it at home.
  • Meet the artists: Through sincere introductions on all of our social media channels, get to know the committed artists in our village who contribute so much to the uniqueness of the TBOF Amorearth Ghee tale.
  • And last but not the least, a festive season brimming with giggles, laughter, and absolutely no regrets.


It's time we spoke of Good Food honestly !



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