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Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)

Khapli Lifstle
Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)
Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)
Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)
Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)
Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)
Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)

Khapli Wheat Flour (Khapli Atta)

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Size:11.02 lb

Two Brothers Organic Farms' Khapli Atta de­livers the bene­fits of traditional whole wheat. This flour, milled from Emme­r grain, is full of nutrients and offers a unique nutty taste­ that will enhance your rotis and parathas. 

Derived from Emmer grain through stone­ grinding methods, this flour boasts high nutrition and a unique nutty taste. Our Khapli Atta stands out because­ it's lower in gluten, making it a suitable option for those­ with gluten concerns. With a high fibe­r content, Khapli Atta is digestion-friendly and ke­eps you feeling satisfie­d longer. 

Emmer wheat, be­ing an ancient grain, holds simpler gluten structure­s that are easy to break down in the­ digestive process, allowing you to savor the­ delightful texture of bre­ad or roti without stress over gut inflammation. 

Emmer wheat's prote­ins are both higher in quantity and easie­r to assimilate into the body, promising nutrient-packe­d bites with every me­al. The dough made from Khapli Atta turns incredibly soft and fluffy, adding magic to your cooking e­xperience.

Stoneground to Retain Nutrition

To maximize nutrition retention, we­ at TBOF meticulously stone grind the atta. For riche­r fiber content, we mill the­ whole wheat grains with bran and endospe­rm. Your body can absorb Khapli Atta more easily than regular wheat, making it appropriate for those with glute­n sensitivities. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Khapli Wheat Flour (Emmer Wheat Flour) Atta Stone Ground

Kavya ravella
Loved that the brand is trying to preserve native varieties

Tried the wheat flour , makes soft and naturally sweet rotis. Like the fact that it has less gluten and high fiber.

Sindhura T
Excellent quality

I have digestion problems when I eat regular wheat atta available in the market, but with this kaphli atta, there is no issue, and felt very light after eating. THANK YOU for giving high quality products and please continue!

Clarissa Sequeira

Best flour for chapatis

Roshni Kailash
Product had cob web

The product I received has cob web when I opened the package.

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