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Dear Customer,

We would like to inform you that at TBOF, our team has adopted critical preventive measures in the wake of the Covid-19 infection caused by the Corona virus. We are deeply concerned about the health and safety of our customers, employees, delivery associates, vendors and retail partners.

Here's what we are doing as proactive safety measures -

1. Since most of our products are handmade, we are adhering to stringent hygiene standards and hand washing guidelines as recommended by the Government Health ministry officials. Our kitchen team has been following frequent washing of hands for atleast 20 seconds, using natural hand sanitizers (made by us using essential lime oil made using the limes we grow on our farm) and is trained to ensure respiratory hygiene at all times.

2. We can ensure an end-to-end digitized automated delivery experience for farm products that our team delivers in Mumbai, ourselves. Once your order has been placed, you may go ahead with an online payment after speaking to our delivery person and request for the products to be left at your doorstep instead of being handed over to you physically - just in case you are feeling unwell or down with a cold or fever. This is only for deliveries in Mumbai done by our team.

3. Our packing and logistics team as well as partners conducting deliveries are being trained in respiratory hygiene, detection of symptoms and proper method of ensuring hand hygiene.

4. All our kitchen team members are being provided a natural health supplement made using traditional Indian spices which is formulated by a nutrition expert. This is a product we make at TBOF - this is done as a natural preventive measure only to maintain immunity and good health. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION OR ADVICE FOR PREVENTION OF ANY VIRAL INFECTION INCLUDING THE CORONA VIRUS.



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5. Our team has been provided the option to work from home to adhere with the social distancing guidelines. The kitchen team is operating out of our farm in our village Bhodani and the logistics team that packs and ships your orders currently works out of our packhouse in Pune where we ensure absolute hygiene and a safe environment for our team mates.

P.S. For urgent Doorstep delivery requests of our farm fresh supplies in Mumbai avoiding any physical contact with delivery associate, please call Shiva @ +91.9307740783



-- Truly,




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