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Vasant Mama

Vasant Mama has been a part of TBOF from its founding and puts his all into his work. With his outstanding people abilities, he leads the team. He rides his vintage Hercules bicycle early every morning and stays until the sun sets. His zeal and vigor are quite astonishing for someone at 65 years of age.

Nagesh Mama

Since we started farming organically, Nagesh Mama, a quiet but incredibly helpful coworker, has overseen our Shetfal fields. He is extremely motivated and physically healthy, having enthusiastically made the switch from conventional to organic farming. These days, he even gives tours of the farm to guests, easily conveying the technical aspects of our agricultural methods. Even though Nagesh Mama only completed the fourth grade of formal schooling, her tremendous wisdom and expertise never cease to inspire us.

Pandu Mama

Pandu Mama, who the kids call "Panda Mama," recently turned 70 years old. He embodies commitment and trust. He comes to the village house first thing every morning to supervise all processing and to tenderly handle his coworkers. He frequently reads newspapers while seated cross-legged in the Dehlaj traditional wada's hallway or beneath a tree.

Gena Mama

Named after the venerated Maharashtrian saint Sant Dnyaneshwar, Gena signifies "knowledge" and is a consistent presence at TBOF. He boils the milk over firewood, managing the cowshed’s milk on his own. Gena Mama, renowned for his unwavering values and bravery in the face of adversity, is a formidable force. His trademark cry, "No brakes, no horn!" causes everyone on the road to move aside as he drives his motorcycle while pulling the milk minivan.Sunil


After working as a construction worker for a while, Sunil moved up to a full-time position on the farm. Having picked up accounting along the road, he now oversees all packaging and shop coordination. Sunil may not have finished school, but his quick learning and suggestions for ongoing development are admirable. He is a natural under pressure and has high expectations for accountability. His most recent goal is to open a cutting-edge packing facility; he frequently exclaims, "I'll build it all by myself!" with great enthusiasm. Whoah.

Raghu Maharaj

Indian cowboy Raghu Maharaj has been a part of his family's legacy for more than a century. He and his wife, Govind, the oldest son, take great care of our cows. They see the cows as divine, and this is a religion. Before they eat, they make sure the cows are fed. Raghu Maharaj and his family show such love and care for our cows, which is truly a blessing. He is a man of strength and diligence who is devoted to his work.



Our driver, Mauli, is a man with limitless energy and a "never say die" mentality. His vibrant presence at the farmers' markets is evident, and his voice resounds for kilometers. When we travel to and from Mumbai, Mauli is our reliable guide and entertainer, sharing interesting stories from his former career as a truck driver. He tells such compelling stories that we frequently decide not to put a radio in our farm truck.


Raju Bhai handles a 50 HP, 4-cylinder tractor with the dexterity of an experienced expert. He controls the tractor like a two-wheeled motorcycle, using it as an extension of himself. Raju is an important part of our everyday farm operations, even though we rely on his tractor for heavy lifting. He is a soft-spoken, extremely bright man who throws amazing dinner parties at his house that leave people licking their tongues.



Suvarna usually wakes up before the rooster crows, as she is an early riser. She goes straight to the processing area and starts churning curds to make butter that is creamy white. Ghee is made by melting this butter over fires. Suvarna takes tremendous delight in her work, and her positive attitude is contagious. Everything she achieves is a testament to her strength and commitment.

Manga bai

Manga Bai is just as committed to being early as Suvarna is, frequently vying to be the first person at the processing center at four in the morning. She arrived at 2 am one unforgettable day, unintentionally taking Suvarna with her. Manga Bai has a sense of humor and can quickly lighten the mood with a joke, even though she occasionally makes mistakes. She is a vital component of the team since she can bring order out of chaos and vice versa.


Swati resides in close proximity to our farm house, where we handle our farm's produce. Her happy family is always close by and willing to help. Swati manages her tasks with ease, frequently rushing from work to home to take care of her kids. She contributes fully to every task at hand despite her busy schedule, and she frequently sings to herself while working.



Nani, who is getting up to 68 years old, has watched her boys find work and start independent lives in the city. She does not, however, plan to retire because she finds fulfillment in her employment. She's in the processing house every morning, eager to contribute. Because of her commitment to being active, Nani has maintained excellent health, demonstrating that when you enjoy what you do, age is just a number.



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