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Most times we find ourselves wondering - How is it that we are so truly happier and joyful in the natural world? How many times we find ourselves baffled by the majesty of a tree, the strength in its bark making it grow deeper into the earth and expand outward generously, reaching for the sky - bearing a silent, patient witness to the unrest of all those who sat in its shade!

Two Brothers Organic Farms, Bhodani, Organic Farming, Natural Farming, Nature,
Isn't it but a miracle that deep glowing hues infused in sunlight shine brightly through the petals of happy flowers?  What is it about this intense relationship that we share with nature?
Two Brothers Organic Farms, Bhodani, Organic Farming, Natural Farming, Nature,
Nature makes us feel truly connected to all living forms within its realm. In the most beautiful of ways, it reminds us that we belong to this earth; that we are all made of the same matter and that we are no more or no less than the free bird cruising the skies, the ant walking in a trail building reserves of food or the little caterpillar busy growing it's wing.
Two Brothers Organic Farms, Bhodani, Organic Farming, Natural Farming, Nature,
There is always a strong sense of slowing down when we are out in the wilderness. Think about it - trees, plants and insects in the wild grow at their own pace; rabbits and squirrels hop, scuttle around and respond to their instincts following a natural order or pace.
This natural rhythm is in stark contrast to how we have conditioned ourselves to function as per the order of the clock, strapping ourselves to hours, minutes and seconds determined by an economic system which inevitably creates a lot of stress.
Two Brothers Organic Farms, Bhodani, Organic Farming, Natural Farming, Nature, Gir Cows, Native Desi Cows,
All of us grow up believing that we are never doing enough, that we 'should not' ever be satisfied and that we always should choose to do more. This belief propagates a sense of not having enough. We proudly persevere to secure more degrees, win more medals, earn more money, buy more things and so on. While doing this we fail to recognize how our over-consumption patterns impact the world around us. Nature on the other hand is an amazing embodiment of harmony, balance and sustainability. Imagine what would happen if bees decided to set records and outdo or break them every time they constructed a hive!! Imagine the fishes coming up with a gourmet menu of fancy dishes using a variety of worms!
Two Brothers Organic Farms, Bhodani, Organic Farming, Natural Farming, Nature,
Nature is a staunch leveller and teacher. It helps us understand that we cannot have full control and that it's futile aspiring for it. For instance, summers are a gruelling time at the farm. We learn to accept this, work our way around this reality and find ways to celebrate whatever else that we have on hand. There is no way to order for rains through an app or cause the sun to radiate heat upto a comfortable temperature. 
It helps us realise the beauty and importance of surrender, acceptance and faith - to be conscious of what we have and to value it. It helps us live a life of meaning with gratitude.
Organic Farm Produce, Farm to Family, Farm to table, Organic Farming India, Maharashtra, Bhodani
Today organic is a movement. There is also a very big portion of society that perceives this to being a luxury. There is also enough cynicism around with many who consider it to be fraudulent - that looting consumers in the name of organic is the new thing.
We live in this world and plan to work with all of these consumer groups to bring about a shift in mindsets. We need to understand that Organic isn't a fancy word. It's not just about our food or our pockets. When we demand for our food to be organic, we are demanding food free of poison and chemicals. When we demand organic, we are demanding clean air, clean water. We are demanding soil to do it's own thing and be able to retain its super powers without any kind of damaging human intervention and for seeds to be free of any form of toxins. When we demand organic, we are demanding a better world for our children. It might seem heavy on our pockets right now when food mass produced by the agri business giants continue to dominate the market. But, we must keep demanding organic, keep fighting for organic until it becomes the norm, until organic becomes the conventional choice and not meant just for the rich and educated. We are on the lookout for consumer groups who understand this and are leaning towards natural farming as a sure shot solution to heal the planet - and THIS is our Movement.
OrganicWe - Not for profit community initiative, platform for organic farmers
Few of us united by this cause came together to form 'OrganicWe' - A Non-Profit body to enhance awareness of organic food and give a platform for organic farmers to sell their produce.

Farmer Groups - Awareness / Education

 Farmer Satyajit delivered a lecture on the importance of Organic Farming to farmers (Krushi Unnati Shendriya Sheti Gat) in Shelgaon village Indapur Taluka District Pune. Organised by Govt of Maharashtra Dept of Agriculture.

 Shelgaon is a very prosperous village and has close to 5000 acres of Pomegranate. If only one village like Shelgaon could turn Organic, imagine 5000 acres of soil will be saved, close to 5,00,000 lac tonnes of Pomegranate will be chemical free and in turn could benefit 5 lac consumers.
farmer workshops, training, organic farming, Organic farmers meet, Farming Best practices, Two brothers organic farm, TBOF

Farmers we have hand held

Namdeo - Organic Farmer from Shelgaon

Namdeo, Organic Farmer, Organic Pomegranates, Organic fruits, Organic farmers of Maharashtra, Two Brothers Organic Farms, TBOF, India
This is Namdev, from village Shelgaon, Indapur Taluka, Pune District. Namdev is a hardworking farmer and does farming in a small area. His entire family is involved in it and staunchly keep his farm organic.
We at TBOF have been guiding him since the last 3 years and have observed his practices. He grows Organic Pomegranates. Namdeo started selling organic Pomegranates at the OrganicWe Farmers Market. The very first time he came to the market, Namadev went back all sold out! His 10 crates of Organic pomegranates were sold for ₹15,000/- direct to customers - the market rate of which was otherwise not even a third of this amount. 
We are happy to to be of help to farmers like him.

Dnyandev Thombre - Organic Farmer 

Organic Farmer of Maharashtra, Organic Farming, Two Brothers Organic Farms, TBOF


Farmer Trainings along with ATMA - Initiative by the Government of Maharashtra


ATMA, Initiative by Government of Maharashtra, Organic Farmers of Maharashtra, two Brothers Organic Farm, Organic Farming


Project 100 Organic Farmers - 1000 Acres Organic Farms 

Yes that’s the new initiative we have taken up along with OrganicWe to hand hold these farmers based in rural Maharashtra, nurture them and give them a market platform to sell their organic produce. 
It was a lovely time visiting their farms, talking to them, dining with them and having a dialogue. We hope to be of help to these farmers and help them practice sustainable farming and also ensure they have sustainable incomes. 

Organic Farmers of Maharashtra, Chemical free farming, Natural Farming, OrganicWe, Two Brothers Organic Farm, TBOF, India


Jaihind Lokchalwal Sangamner - Youth Farmer Meet

We were invited by Jaihind Lokchalwal Sangamner, for their Youth Farmer Meet, on 30th June 2019, to address, guide and inspire over 1500 farmers - it was a humbling experience. With us at the event were MLA Dr Sudhir Tambe and former IAS Chandrakant Dalvi whose work in rural development via his NGO is notable.
We were also awarded for work done in the international marketing of  agricultural produce. 

Jaihind Lokchalwal is an NGO that works in the upliftment of society through work in Education, Social, agricultural and other activities, guided and run by MLA Balasaheb Thorat and MLA Dr Sudhir Tambe. They have a energetic and progressive team, their work and intention are commendable and we wish them all the best in their future activities.
Two Brothers Organic Farms, TBOF, Organic Farmers Meet, Organic Farmers Seminar, Farmers training, Aware on organic farming, India
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF


Nimgaon Ketki Farmers Meet

 We addressed a progressive group of over 200 farmers who are embarking on the journey of group farming. We were called to speak and share our story of organic farming and marketing - this was held at village Nimgaon Ketki, Taluka Indapur, Dist Pune.
Organic Farming Training, Organic Farmers meet, Organic Food Forest,  Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF


Work with Schools and Educational Institutions


The Bishop's School, Pune

TBOF along with the CoCo Pune have joined hands with our Alma Mater - The Bishop's School (Pune) to grow an Organic Food Forest for the school on its campus and together welcome what is going to be a hallmark chapter in the history of Conventional Mainstream Education in our country. Its an opportunity to influence young minds and instill sensitive, caring approaches and to help them recognise reckless human impact on the environment from an early age. We at TBOF, firmly believe that such programs for school children will help educate their minds outside of boxed patterns and holistically empower their minds, emotions and intellect.
The Bishops School
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF
Reckoned among the best schools in the country, with a legacy that is 150 years old - the Bishop's School with its 7000 students across all its branches, will be the early pioneers of fostering well-rounded, meaningful learning environments - facilitating the Ancient Wisdom of ‘Natural’ Farming for its students. We are so thrilled to be driving this for them.
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF


The Polymath School, Mumbai

TBOF is developing an education initiative in Mumbai with OrganicWe, to help orient and educate students at The Polymath School in Mumbai.
Polymath School, Bhiwandi, Mumbai, Organic Farming for Schools, Organic Food Forest, Two Brothers Organic Farm, TBOF, India, Organic Farming

Together we shall create the world we want to live in. invited by The Polymath School, Mumbai yesterday to come and work with the school to design an entire education experience around Organic Farming, to give students the holistic experience of “real” education. 
The school had been in touch with us for a year, their dedication and commitment is super-impressive. The school has already planted many trees and flowering plants and we were happy to see hundreds of butterflies and met their pet frog in the rustic pond built by the school children. 
In rapturous glee we discussed the possibility of helping the school have an Organic Farming Club to plant indigenous trees, create a food forest, adopt sustainable practices, solar energy, water harvesting, and many more ideas to create a world we would love to live in.
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF, The Polymath School
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF, The Polymath School
The Children are having thorough fun getting to learn the basics of farming as they dunk their little hands deep into the soil, pulling out weeds and sowing rice. In groups, they have fenced out their lands, demarcated their plots and plucked weeds - working in small groups, collaborating with other groups often and negotiating their way around, they seem to be having one of those experiences that they'll fondly look back at many years from now!
Organic Farming at Schools, Organic Food Forest at Schools, Bishops School Organic Food Forest, Farming at Schools india, Two Brothers organic Farms, TBOF, The Polymath School


The Spirited Talks by Bhoomi College, Bangalore

Bhoomi College Spirited Talks, Bhoomi College, Two Brothers Organic Farms, TBOF, Organic Farming, Sustainability, Living with Nature
We spoke at the Spirited Talks about 'Creating Alivelihoods and not Deadlihoods' - Organised by Bhoomi College (Bangalore) at the Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai.
It was an honour to be a part of the panel discussion along with two other eminent panelist’s - Jyoti Palekar from STEP, and Rashneh Pardiwala of Centre of Environmental Research and Education (CERE). There happened immersive conversations with Design Jatra, Greensole, Green communities foundation, and Shrunkhala.
It was a wonderful opportunity to be in the company of like minded people and enthusiasts who wished to make a career in the Eco Sensitive industry space. To be able to share our journey with people looking for inspiration and clarity is something we consider as our duty.
Bhoomi College is a fantastic idea to give a platform to students who want to make a “Green” career -i f in our time we had an option like this we would have surely joined it. They expose students to real life teachers and situations connecting them with the soil - really drawing out from the student instead of just putting in - and this is exactly what education should be about. More power to this wonderful institution in all their endeavours.

Talks at Vedary Mumbai

Vedary Mumbai

 Shop for Change talk at Vedary, Coming to Vedary has always been a pleasure, this unique space created by Harsh has some great vibes, one of its kind of a centre that gets together the best of ancient healing practices, and wisdom and modern science to help one achieve optimum health.
Supporting the cause of holistic sustainable living wholeheartedly.

It is way ahead of its time in what it does, giving that ray of hope to people seeking alternate physical and mental healing and well-being paths, advocating techniques that were wise proven and stood the test of time.

Such spaces are the rejuvenation spots urban cities and minds need, this is an oasis of HOPE, LOVE, TRUST, CARE, WISDOM, and their work reflects the finest qualities of being Human.

It is a pleasure to support this lovely initiative - Happy being friends with them in this journey.

#vedary #shopforchange #mumbai @ Vedary


YES Bank Foundation Talks 

Yes Bank Foundation

A talk on Sustainable Lifestyle and Sustainable Consumption was addressed by Farmer Satyajit among participants of 4th edition Yes Foundation's Media for Social Change Fellowship Program during their induction training program at Pune. Participants from various institutes with different backgrounds were present during the session.

We shared our story of TBOF and how pursuing joy in choosing your vocation is so important, we also shared the journey of our sustainable venture and how this benefits all the stake holders right from the soil in the farm to Mother Earth in totality.

The care for Mother Earth rests in the hands and minds of youth and their participation and involvement is so important.

The work YES FOUNDATION of YES BANK does is truly noteworthy and we wish them all the best.

 #yesfoundation #4th edition 


Pune Organic Retailers Talk


The Organic farming and food movement is at a very nascent stage and organic retailers play an important role to help sell organic famers produce to the end consumers.
Thereby giving a better price to the farmer for his produce, helping him be sustainable and help the local community stay healthy by making this food available. 
It was a pleasure to be invited to the Association of Organic Retailers & Exponents a group of organic retailers in Pune. 
We have had the opportunity to work with major retail chains in the past and with stand alone - boutique - organic retail shops, and we have loved working with passionately run boutique organic stores. 
Anyone interested wishes to get in touch with them may contact on the coordinates below 
Nilesh - +919922488750
Sandeep - +919823305531


Gau Seva Award - Two Brothers Organic Farms 



It's an honour to have been awarded the Shradheya Moropant Pingale Goseva Award, for the category Go-Sanvardhan (Holistic Development of the Cow) for 2018 by the Go-Vidnyaan Sanshodhan Sanstha, Pune and Dadrananagar Haveli Mukti Sangram Samiti, Pune’s GO-SEVA Puraskar 2018.
Presiding the event were Dr Vallabhai Kathiria, Chairman Govt of India Kamadhenu Ayog, and Suhasrao Hiremath RSS member central committee.
Amongst other awardees were people from different parts of the country who are leading the way with their work around Holistic development of Indian Indigenous Cows.
At TBOF, we pursue Desi Cow based Organic farming and our experience has been proof of how this can enhance the quality and yield of the soil by many folds. We aspire for more and more farmers to take up this path - grow diverse crops without contaminating the soil - the soil has everything; every nutrient that the crops require. The only inputs we feed the soil are Desi Cow dung and Cow urine - this along with other imp factors like mulching and using natural indigenous seeds have helped us ensure a bio-diverse environment around the farm. 
We humbly dedicate this award to every farmer out there who never stopped believing in the soil - every farmer who considers it his/her responsibility to cultivate poison-free food. We dedicate this award to every one of those farmers who showed us the way at the start of our journey and shared everything that they knew about Desi Cow based Holistic farming without holding back.
As consumers, we should be mindful of supporting farmers who pursue farming based on Indian indigenous cows. It's never been an easy road as it means swimming against the tide. So when we step outside of the conventional food options that we have today and pick naturally farmed produce, we are actually joining hands for a stronger, resilient nation that eats well. 
#naturalfarming #Desicowfarming
 #desicow #desicowghee
#organicmovement #goodfood
 #goodfoodguide #chemicalfree
 #farmerstories #soil #healthysoil #goseva



 Bhoomi College Talk - Bangalore  -28th July - 2019

Bhoomi CollegeBhoomi CollegeBhoomi CollegeBhoomi College


We had a lovely interaction with students of the Bhoomi College Bangalore yesterday, They had called upon our Founding Farmer Satyajit to come and spend an entire days session with their students from the sustainable course batch.
The session lasted from 10 am to 3:30 pm and we shared the entire story of Two Brothers Organic Farms with the ever so enthusiastic students- challenges, success, failures et all, was a complete download of what we "experienced" in our journey till date.

Bhoomi College has a beautiful campus, nowadays where do you come across a campus that has buildings built with eco-friendly materials, using renewable sources of energy to power and run the college, has an equal amount of land devoted for growing Food organically which also provides food for the on-campus kitchen and canteen, beautiful and well-conceived is to say the least, the entire idea of Bhoomi is what education needs today COHESIVE, SYNERGISTIC, HOLISTIC.

The Space is sacred for those who come to learn and unlearn, learning basically how to sync with nature and grow, doing everything consciously, Students get to work on the farm in the morning, imagine spending time with soil, saplings, manure, water, trees and plants, nothing better to start your day, the truest Karma time to spend.

Its spaces like these that have upheld the mantle of human consciousness and reflect what true Education should really be about, they are an oasis from which students and seekers of sustainable education can come and quench their thirst from, they stay like a family, imagine so many ppl thinking and contemplating on the same idea, free spirits and souls who have followed what their inner selves seek and committed to making a career in the sustainable space, it is no doubt students like them who show the right path forward that is good for Mother earth, and its inhabitants.

For us it was like fullfilling our duty when they called upon us to come teach our learnings and share our journey, and we will be ever so ready to support them in creating a better world, glad we could give out two bits, and an honour to be invited by them.

#BhoomiCollege #Sustainability 



Kolhapur Farmer Trainings 

Kolhapur Farmers trainings Two Brothers Organic FarmsKolhapur Farmer Trainings Two Brothers Organic Farms

The Soil movement carries on, we had an interesting Farmer training and interaction today at Mohite Industries Kolhapur, organised by Smt Monika Mohite, whose immense interest and love to turn her farm organic had kept us talking for over 6 months, finally the training and handholding for farmers happened today (Sept 20), we shared our story with details on the technique of organic farming and the dynamics of marketing.

The plan is to form a like-minded group with these interested farmers and handhold them through the entire process till harvesting and then help them market their produce at the right price.

Kolhapur has a different spirit which is royal yet humble and the best of all they are the best in sportsmanship, and an association with them will ensure we get to visit and experience this more often.

Kolhapur is blessed by nature with abundant rainfall, many rivers, fertile soil and hardworking sporty people, they have always held the mantle in many walks of life and we are sure with them getting into organic farming with a gusto they will set an example for others to follow.

It’s always a pleasure for us to handhold farmer families interested in farming, what was also unique about this prog was that there were leaders with common farmers sitting for the entire 4 hour session re-emphasising their commitment to organic farming and sustainable agriculture, we had Smt Vedantika Mane the wife of the standing Member of Parliament Dhairyasheel Mane and Prithviraj D. Mahadik who is the eldest son of Ex Member of Parliament Mr. Dhananjay Mahadik, we also had teams of Shahu Karkhana, Kagal, and Rajaram Institute of Technology (who is helping in designing and making technical instruments for Organic Farming) and 12 farmers of Zilla Parishad, a total of 70 participants.

Farmers have the abaility to help change the world into a better place as they are directly connected with the lements of nature, it starts with each one individually, only when we dont overthink about other factors and work with an earnest zeal and passion listening to our own minds and consiousness. @ R M Mohite Industries



Malinagar Dist Solapur Farmer Trainings 

Malinagar Farmer TrainingMalinagar Farmer Trainings 1


We Had an amazing session with over 400 farmers yesterday (Sept 20) at the KrishiSamrat 1st anniversary celebration organised by a group of progressive and passionate farmers in Malinagar near Akluj, Dist Solapur.

The soil movement grows, farmers want to convert their soils to organic but don’t have the complete picture of growing and marketing which does not give them the confidence to turn organic, any solution must be holistic.

It’s our duty to share what we learn each day in our journey and we look at this as a movement that will change the world to a better place and make farmers happy.

When we are not in the farms or farmers markets then we are with farmers training them, our entire world is farms farmers farming. @ Malinagar, India





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