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Our Farm is a Bio-Diverse, Organic farm where we practice the five principles of Holistic Sustainable Farming like using Desi, indigenous cow dung as manure for inoculation of healthy bacteria into the soil, using all farm leftovers for mulching (without burning farm waste), planting a mixed food forest, using only indigenous / heirloom seeds for planting, planting border trees as wind breakers, no tilling of soil driven by a staunch focus on soil health and sustainability.
At the heart of all farming practices we follow are our Cows.
We brought in Pure Desi breed of Gir Cows for their cow dung and cow urine - the only two things we use as inputs on our farm. The milk was always considered to be a by-product.
Gir Cows two brothers organic farm, bhodani, Desi Cow Farming, TBOF, Organic Farming India
We do not tie our cows. They feed freely on naturally grown fodder. They are left to walk around the farms in the mornings - a good form of physical exercise to keep them fit. The calves are not separated from their mothers, the baby calves are always given their share of milk first before milking the cows. This contributes in a big way to the quality of milk our cows produce. No cow is artificially inseminated. They are not injected or not allowed to feed on anything artificial, they graze freely. They live without fear.
They are family.
Organic Pomogranates, Two Brothers Organic Farms, TBOF, Organic Farming India, Organic fruits, Farmer Markets Mumbai
TBOF - Amorearth stands for true love for the soil, for life and for all that is from Nature. The brand identity is one that is in sync with nature and the natural rhythm. The brand philosophy is against an order that works outside of nature and it's ways, all that is artificially or chemically imposed to enhance production for momentary commercial value. TBOF is guided by the principles of Desi Cow based organic farming and sustainable practices that reduce impact on the planet. TBOF strives to personify values such as genuine care for all forms of life and not just humans, conscious consumption, mindfulness and gratitude.
Mulching of dried leaves, mulching, organic farming, natural farming two brothers organic farms, bhodani, maharashtra, TBOF
Bees for natural pollination, Organic Farming, Two Brothers organic Farms, Bhodani, TBOF,
Every week when we visit the city, there is a deafening silence that stares us in the face - the sparrows have gone, a squirrel has become a rare sight and the bees are long forgotten.
So, we return to our farm in the village, reinforced and purposeful. We work at our farms to bring the bees back and do whatever it takes to help them sing their song. 🐝
Bees are not just about honey - Did you know that a billion people the world over could suffer malnutrition if the bees were gone? At TBOF, they facilitate natural pollination. Our Desi Papayas fruit from natural pollination. We house 10 bee boxes today and plan to house a 100 bee-boxes in the coming months.
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Food Forest Two Brothers Organic Farms, Bhodani, TBOF, Organic Farming, Permaculture
Food Forest, Two Brothers Organic Farms, Organic Farming, Permaculture, TBOF, Organic Farmers India
Two Brothers Organic Farm, Food Forest, Organic Farming, India

At the Two Brothers Organic Farm, we are developing a food forest - a glorious dream of ours.

An embodiment of life supporting life.

Where all forms of life flourish and help each other in their journeys and form symbiotic communities of harmony.

Food that grows in an environment like this mothered by nature can heal and nourish all of mankind.

Food Forest, Two Brothers Organic Farms, Organic Farming, Permaculture, TBOF, Organic Farmers India
We at TBOF, have sequestered 10,000 tons of carbon every year. which is 70,000 tons of carbon over the last 7 years.
Food Forest, Two Brothers Organic Farms, Organic Farming, Permaculture, TBOF, Organic Farmers India
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